Restoration and Repair


The bindery offers book repair, renovation and restoration on all books and in many different styles of binding techniques. From simple cloth repair and re-sewing, to complex leather grafting, matching paper and materials, gold tooling and leather dying.

Gold Blocker

We have tiered pricing structures, so can offer you several affordable options that will ensure a high quality repair in a style sympathetic to the nature of your book.

Family Bible repair and renovation is one of our specialties. Please see the Gallery for more examples of our restoration and repair work, including work carried out for The National Trust.

We also offer a trade service for bookshops, libraries, schools, colleges and universities.

Restoration and Repair Gallery

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"The beauty of bookbinding is abstract decorative beauty. It is not, in the first instance, a mode of expression for a man's soul. Indeed, the danger of all these lofty claims for handicraft is simply that they show a desire to give crafts the province and motive of arts such as poetry, painting and sculpture. Such province and such motive they have not got. Their aim is different. Between the arts that aim at annihilating their material and the arts that aim at glorifying it there is a wide gulf."

Oscar Wilde

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