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The Bindery offers publishers and presses the opportunity to commission new book binding works. We have a vast amount of experience in producing the finest new bindings, either as ‘off one’ unique books or as limited editions, in cloth or full, half and quarter leather bindings.

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We offer consultancy in the binding design and production, book cover design, corporate identity, tooling and dies in different colours and foils, and slip case making.

We have produced leather and cloth bound editions for many private publishing companies including Penguin, Troy Books, The Little Egret Press, The Golden Hare Press, Angling Publications, First Nature, The Pond Press UK, The Ewe Press and a number of other private clients.

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"A well bound book is neither of one type, nor finished, so that its highest praise is that, had it been made by a machine it could not have been made better. It is individual; it is instinct with the hand of him who made it; it is pleasant to feel, to handle, and to use, it is the original work of an original mind, working in freedom simultaneously with hand and heart and brain to produce a thing of use, which all time shall agree ever more and more also to call 'a thing of beauty."

T. J. Cobden-Sanderson

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